Wrong Cat

Slotted Hammer

Threaded Guide Wire 1.8 mm

Direct Measuring Device

Protection Sleeve

Cannulated Drill Bit 4.5 mm

Parallel Guide

Cannulated Tap 7.0 mm

Large Cannulated Hexagonal Screw Driver


Triple Drill Guide-130° Angle

Quardrangular Position Plates

Triangular Positioning Plates

Condylar Plate Guide


Seating Chisel

Chisel Guide

Square Nail Impactor

Kerrisson Punch Up/Down Cutting

Steinman Pin Introducer with SS Chuck & Key

Steinman Pin Holder

Periosteal Elevator with SS Handle

Self Retaining Retractors

Hohman’s Retractors

Bone Hammers with Fibre Handle

Bone Hammers Teflon Faced

Bone Currette with Fibre Handle

Bone Currette – Double Ended (Set of 3)

Chisels with Fibre Handle

Bone Nibbler (Double Action) (Curved)

Bone Nibbler (Double Action) (Straight)

Bone Cement

Tang Gajah

Hexagonal Screw Driver

Steinmann Pin

Calvicula Plate

Reconstruction Plate

Small T Plate

Small DCP (Small Narrow)

1/3 Tubular Plate (One Third Plate)

Macam-macam Acetabullum Retractor

Acetabullum Retractor

Hoffman Femur

Hoffman Sharp

DCS Triple Reamer

DHS Impactor

DHS Triple Reamer with Coupling End

Reduction Serrated Speed Lock/Rachet Lock

Hand Distractor

Meja Tangan

1/2 (Semi Tubular Plates)

Trochanter Plate

Condylar Buttress Plate (Left & Right)

Guide Wire K. Nail

K. Nail Extractor with Two Hooks

Measuring Gauge for Prosthesis Set of Seven 39 to 51

Femoral Distractor (Large)

Skin Grafting Handle (Large)

Skin Grafting Handle (Small)

Pneumatic Tourniquet (Complete Set)

Square Nail/Rush Nail Reamers

Square Nail Impactor

Bone Cutting Forceps (Double Action)

Bone Spreader

Burn’s Bone Holding Forceps

Hexagonal Screw Driver Tip 1.5 mm with Sleeve for 2.0 mm Screw

Self Centering Bone Holding Forceps

Hexagonal Screw Driver with Quick Coupling Shaft for 3.5 mm Screw

Stainless Steel Suture Wires (S.S Wire)

Kirschner Wire (K-Wire) Double Ended Trocar Point

Kuntscher Clover Leaf Nail for Femur (K. Nail)

Schan Screw

Bipolar Prosthese

Austin Moore Prosthese

Malleolar Screw dia 4.5 mm

Cancellous Screw Short Thread dia 4.0 mm

Cancellous Screw Full Thread dia 4.0 mm

Cancellous Screw dia 3.5 mm

Cancellous Screw dia 6.5 mm

Cortical Screw dia 3.5 mm

Cortical Screw dia 1.5 mm

Mini T Plates

Mini Fragment Plates

T-Wrench 11 mm

Triple Trocar with Handle

Small Plate Bender

Small Neutral & Loaded Drill Guide

Sleeve for 6.5 mm Shanz Screw

Quick Coupling Handle for Tap

Quick Coupling Adaptor for Drill Bit

Lane Screw Driver

Hexagonal Screw Driver

Drill Sleeve 2.5/3.5 mm

Drill Bit SS-Plain Shank

Depth Gauge

Box Spanner 11 mm

Bit SS-Quick Coupling End

Bone Tap with Handle

T-Plate 4.5 mm

T-Plate 3.5 mm, Oblique Angled

Semi Tubular Plate 4.5 mm